I really need to send these to tony :(


I suppose your wondering what it is. Well it’s a bundle of boxless  ps1 games.

Tony sent them to me to post on but I’ve had an awful year this last 8 months what with bankruptcy medical problems, an operation as well as crime rearing it’s head I’m surprised I’m still sane. And to be honest I forgot all about them. And I also forgot royal mail wanted 40 pounds to send them to Norway ffs.

Well it’s now one of my resolutions to get them sent.

I have also just come back onto ps4 so my user name is Orbilator incase you all forgot lol.

4 thoughts on “I really need to send these to tony :(

  1. Omg m8, i had no idea:(

    Good to see you back, i’ll wire the money ofcourse but hmm boxless? Lol, my memory sucks alright.

    Nontheless, great youre back! Missed you!

    • Mark Newsome

      They didn’t come boxless but every single box they were in was horrendously broken and cracked. I removed them. And wrapped them individually with manuals discs and front and back covers lol

  2. Oh nooooooo:-(

    Thats… thats.. fuck i hate ps1 cases. Impossible to find here 🙁

  3. Keep the faith, Mark. We’re always here!

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