Body Coach 2:Fitness & Dance


Body Coach 2:Fitness & Dance is a odd game, it’s a hybrid training and dancing game and a obvious “budget” release.

The game is quite hard to find in shops and by the looks of things its exclusive to Scandinavia(?), i found it in a super market in the city i live in.

The Developer/Publisher is BigBen , the company behind “Hunters Trophy” and that Uber Rare Sniper game which is Online Only.

Big Box Shot Front Of Body Coach 2.

Big Box Shot Front Of Body Coach 2.


The Game supports Move and its not a requirement but it makes the game better according to the publishers website.

Big box, body coach 2 Back

Big box, body coach 2 Back

Playstation MOVE is not a requirement.

The Game packaging makes it looks like there’s 2 Move Controllers included in it but that is not correct (and it’s stated on the back of the box too).

The smart thing they did was, Make 2 heavy “hammer Curls” put a fake move controller in each of them and the buyer put their move controller’s into the “curls” on the opposite side so it look like your’e using 4 Move controllers.

Nice Concept.

Body Coach 2, big box o'fun

Body Coach 2, big box o’fun


I have a weakness for huge boxed games so i just had to get it but i ended up with not playing it as i need a bigger room to play this in but i will give it a shot eventually when we move to a bigger house.

What i have played of the game seems solid enough but it has “budget” feel to it.

Move controls seems accurate enough too.

Huge writings on the box “Compatible With MP3” certainly made me weary of the actual game as it smelled like if it was a fake product produced in china or whatever.

The Music in the game is okay i guess but i think it was a good idea to support MP3 via XMB playlist.

Not much more to say really but feel free to ask if your’e keen on more info.

UPDATE: forgot to upload actual screenshots..

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