Plastic Fantastic…

I went to the cinema yesterday to watch the latest G.I. Joe movie and i was looking forward to it as i’ve heard how good the one from 2009 was (heh..never did see that one) and how this new one was in 3D and so on.

When the movie was over i had to wonder why they had made this movie in the first place as it was totally plain and it wasn’t exactly boring but it certainly had nothing good in it either and the 3D was totally pointless as it never did create any special 3D moment what so ever.

So today i decided to create this article as this movie didn’t get a movie tie in and while that is starting to be quite common these days due to bad sales of a broken market i still fail to see why they skipped this one as G.I. Joe has the background and history to make one heck of a game but yes a game based upon this movie in particular would have been the worst game so far…i think and this brings me to the point of this very article:



Remember these handhelds? , i do too and there was so many fantasticly bad ones that the good ones (like Nintendo ones) stood out like the holy grail of handhelds and it’s no wonder why the Gameboy took the world by storm when it came out in the late 80’s.

G.I. JOE was a households name of the 80s, everyone knew what it was and while the action figure series started in the late 60’s (?) it still managed to get even popular with the comics and tv series in the 80’s and ofcourse this was bound to jump into the games industry.

Before i continue it has to be said that most if not all G.I. Joe games was doomed before they even released and most of them flopped badly.



The Atari 2600 version might have been the first Joe game and i find it strange how the 80’s managed to survive the age of these fantasticly bad games, game’s like this and E.T and the hundreds of “games i developed in a day”, no wonder the industry collapsed in 1983.


The last(?) console game, 2009 was the year and it was a tie in to the movie of the same name, the developer was a renowned developer but still the game looked like it was 10+ years old and played like a pig, that said i enjoyed it anyway and completed it… but by all means not a good game.


This is the game from the mid 80s and most likely the one most of the oldschoolers have played, it was a pretty good game at times but it was incredibly quirky at times and quite a mess too, that said this is the best Joe game out there i think… (Note!, i have not played any of the mobile phone,DS,gameboy and what not games..)

— Picture Of Storm Shadow game is lost…

Here is a game most of you most likely didn’t know excisted, it’s a game from 1996(?) and is a liscensed one based upon one of the characters (Storm Shadow) only and it was only released in the east.


NES box shot, made the game look incredibly varied and probably sold bucket loads because of that.. but was the game any good? no, not really..

This is a Final Fight clone, looks pretty decent but plays very badly compared to the games it tries to copy…


A Rambo CoinOp clone, or did Rambo come afterwards? , anyway RAMBO and T2 The Arcade game etc kicks this game in the arse even though it is quite ok at times and the coinop must have costed a shitload to develop as it is quite advanced for its time, i always prefered Operation Wolf, Cabal and Rambo III over G.I.Joe in the arcades.

Here you can see various screenshots from the Gi.Joe Games, and i still think they should have done one for this 2013 movie as there has been quite a few games based upon movies or just comics that has proven to be extremely good like Batman and Wolverine which turned out pretty good too so i kinda wish Hasbro will take the challenge to make one heck of a GI Joe game one day as it certainly has incredible potential.

Back in the day there was an Amiga G.I. Joe game planned (and actually reviewed at one a magazine) but by the looks of things it never materialized or atleast never got published, i guess this is the same game that was on the SNES and Megadrive or?….

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