Week 18: Stuff In The Drive

Not much to say about last week really, summer is comming and it’s getting chaotic here but i still managed to play a few games on each plattform…

I had the chance to revisit the absolutely horrible :

International Ninja Rabbits which i even made an article about…

I bought a shit load of games for the Vita last week but i have not played any of em really, not more than a few hours tops anyway but the ones i actually did try a bit was:

Soul Sacrifice which is a really cool game !.

Doodle God , oh no! not another casual game that will eat up all my free time again!.

My god last week has been a rough week, i mean.. by the looks of things it seems that i haven’t played any game at all for more than a few minutes tops but hey! that is not correct as i did play 1 game all the time and when i didn’t i switched between all the others..

Dead Island , yep, the first one, hooked again and determined to get the platinum and i have about 52 hours in the game so far and platinum is close now,really close.

WRC – FIA World Rally Championship 2 , another one i returned to but no idea why really…

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII , horrible game but for some idiotic reason i decided to play that a bit again…

Bioshock Infinite , played it for about 10 minutes and i have no idea how i will enjoy this game but i might do an article soon as i did get the Premium Edition so i might have a thing or 2 to brag about in the article.

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