Week 24: Stuff In The Drive

Betatesting,betatesting and more betatesting…..

Not used the vita much, used it for Youtube tho and that is one awesome app and the youtube app i have in my house (iphone,ipad and ps3).

The PS3 has been powered on a bit more but still not all that much..anyway the stuff i played..

Call of Juarez:Gunslinger, Completed it, wrote an article http://blog.amigaguru.com/#post133 and it’s a game i would recomend to most gunslingers out there.

The Last Of Us , what a game!, what a game!. , article due soon.

Tekken Revolution, the new free Tekken game came out of nowhere and belive it or not..it’s actually awesome even tho it is littered with micro transactions.

FN:sorry for being so late with this weekly one… it’s really busy here these days, i will return strong soon enough.

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