Fishing (with) Friends – BASS LANDING PSX

In the mid-80’s, among other millions of different TV serials, there was this Japanese cartoon called “Sanpei“. This nice show depicted the life of a kid literally in love with sports fishing.

One of my closest friends, like the anime so much, decided that he wanted to be a fisherman as well. He bought a fishing license, equipped himself with the appropriate gears and took me with him, on Lake Garda (northern Italy). My real-life fishing career was extremely short because, after a few successful attempts, I ended up fishing his ear!

A few years later though, I decided to give it a second chance, this time in a “protected” environment…
So here it is, my PSX fishing road, still alive and kicking and, you won’t believe it, still sometimes used.

Happy fishing!

3 thoughts on “Fishing (with) Friends – BASS LANDING PSX

  1. A true story about me, and another post fixed!

  2. Anguilla98


  3. Fishhook earrings are so painful.
    But it is fun. ^^

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