Sold out! : Gravity Rush

As many others, i have waited and waited and waited for new Vita games and yesterday was one of the days that i knew a huge game would be out, that game was Gravity Rush.

Gravity Rush, a huge hit in Japan so far and it seems its doing great over here too as i have walked all around the town today without any luck of finding it in the shops smileysmiley , Sold out! was the comment they all gave me.

So i went home and bought the online PSN version, i like PSN/download versions but my memory cards (2x8GB) are always full and i hate swapping cards and deleting stuff on them.

Sony Is keeping their word, the PSN version is actually 12 euro cheaper on PSN than on disc here in my country so thats not bad at all, shame about the prices of the memory cards tho…

Gravity Rush Developed by Japan Studios.

Its pretty hard to explain the game (so far), i have only played it for a few hours and so far its pretty unique and the story/design etc feels unremarkably fresh!.

Its a heavy story driven plattformer/action/rpg game and its all about gravity and levitation/weightless movement etc.

Get this game now!

You know you want to!

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  1. fixed 🙂

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