PS3 Stinkers Of 2013 – Part 5 –

Ok, first of all i must say that i am sorry for the delay and i am well aware of the fact that there’s been 11 days now since the nr 4 in this stinkers series but i took in a few tips from people around me regarding games they thought was utter crap and that i should check them before ending this series, as much as the other games sucked and yes some of them sucked a lot (heh..) i still hold my finger on the game i was set on back some 20 days ago when i started this series of 5 horrible turds of 2013, the game was..
Picture Above:They call it Fast & Furious:Showdown.. i call it furious lowdown!.

Yep, it’s the game based on the super hit movie franchise the Fast & the furious and ofcourse they had to create a game and ofcourse it was Activision and ofcourse they had to find the worst developer on the earth to do it for them….
If there’s one thing the movies do properly then it is ACTION,explosions and fast packed intense driving so this should mean that the game could be like the best racer ever and one can only dream of what a proper developer could have done with a liscense like this but instead they went with a Nintendo DS developer who have a 1 button cross compiler tool and yes it is the same team as i mentioned some weeks ago in this very article series.. the developer called…FIREBRAND GAMES, yes it is the same guys who did Hot Wheels Worlds Best Driver. How the hell these guys are still alive is beyond me.
Picture Above:Vin came back to the series in Nr4 but ain’t in the game here….

Vin Diesel plays games and he worked closely on the development of Wheelman and he even invested in a game developer company but it’s been nothing but lows in terms of what happened and the only thing that came out of it was Wheelman which was a game i enjoyed but the “mass” did not.
Picture Above:It looks like a PS2 game, it sounds like an PS1 game and it plays like an…no not an PS4 game…

When it comes to games there have always been a thin line between sound and gfx for me and i can live with bad graphics as long as they “work” but bad sound and horrible music is something i struggle with.. monotonus sounds and a beat that a tonedeaf person made is something that i simply can’t enjoy!
I can share with you guys that i fell asleep several times when playing some of the levels in the game, they drag out and the sounds are so bad that well.. i have no words and while i must admit that i am getting old and that i do tend to get rather tired when playing sometimes it is still this game and not my age!.
Picture Above:some scenes in the game got some resemblance to the movies…

So when you look at the screenshots here and then you go, HEY THAT SCENE IN THE MOVIE WAS AWESEOME!! , indeed it ruled and laughed my butt off at the end of this scene when they reached that bridge scene…. sadly this game might have some resemblances but nothing like the movies sadly.
Picture Above:I hate to say it but some places in the game actually looks “ok”.

For an PS3 game which looks like an PS2 game and has no A.I engine this game can actually look ok at times …until you start driving the god damned thing!.
Firebrand games have nothing to do on consoles, the engine they have is meant for the Nintendo DS and not on neither this generation consoles nor nextgen consoles and the scary part is that these guys are actually working on an PS4 title as we speak..
Picture Above:You should see those cars!, they can fly! and your car can do spinning kicks!. (ok..not really..)

So, how is the game ?, well this is the best game out of all the ones i have mentioned in this 2013 stinker series as this game can actually be fun if you want retarded fun but after 2-15 minutes you will want to switch it off because of sloppy loading times, glitches, shitty music,gfx that will make your eyes bleed or simply because you rather want to play it on your Nintendo DS as then you can use the touchscreen -ooooooo-.
One this is for sure and that is that Activision totally sucks as how can they let morons like this team work on 2 major liscenses like this? and i am sure they have and will break many more.

Picture Above:Re-used an image from an older article… Still counts, 3 games of the 5 in my series ain’t stocked at GameStop.

Ok, i know you’ve seen that picture before but i just had to mention it again as GameStop has refused to stock this game or if they have stocked it then they did it for a day or something as i never saw one and neither did any of my friends in my city.
A friend of mine traded the game in at Gamestop and he got an great deal as it was on their “most wanted” list so he actually got something good out of the crappy game and Gamestop, and that must be the biggest suprise as i would never have guessed that one could ever get a good deal there.

The only reason you should buy this game is if it’s cheap (not more than 12 USD) and if you’re a really big fan of the movies.

Casual console Gaming is on the way out they say?…no wonder when you get games like this!

PS:The games that other suggested: (I think these are far from as bad as the ones in my serie).

1.Turbo:Super Stunt Squad.
2.Aliens Colonial Marines.
3.Farming Simulator.
4.Dare To Fly.
5.Star Trek The Video Game.

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