About Me

1089Hello, my name is Tony Aksnes and i am one of those crazy retro gamer (read Old boys) freaks whom collect and play games older than most people out there.  I am not as old as an Dinosaur but in terms of the gamer society/community i would have to say that i am one of the lucky ones who got to “be there” when it all went from “the shit” to “bankruptcy’s” to “multibillion” dollar companies…

Yes i am that old, 40 this year…

The odd thing about me is that i have an insane collection of games and gizmos but i ain’t one of those collector guys whom never open the games or whatever, MY STUFF gets used and 99% of the games i have was and has been bought for one reason, to play them!.

I started quite early with games and it didn’t take long before i was in it more than most of it’s time. People recall me from killing highscores in various Olympic and such competetive games, i was 5-6 years old and i won fair, the grown up kids tried to beat me (they did!) but i kept on winning, Decathlon is the one i remember the best from that era. It wasn’t before Summer Games, world games and California Games came out that i really appriciated these wins as those games saved the highscores.

I started early with looking into how games worked and together with a couple of friends we somehow managed to get out a title, it never sold in shops but via magazines only, nice feat non’theless since i was so young.




The demoscene was the first proper productive stuff i went into, i swapped, did gfx and eventually coded. fun times and one of the main reasons i still sit around computers although i am not doing demos or such anymore and i barely check what others do.  Still i watch old stuff, when i check new stuff then i like what i see but most just seems pointless, endless specs , endless powers…why bother.

I have met so many good people over the last 30 years, 30 years with friendships still going strong. Demosceners, game developers and whatnot have been very friendly over the years although i have had a few fights and there was a period when i was one of the largest trolls/zealots in the Amiga scene.


4215_dbs1My last Amiga original project was the title Wild Flying, a game we worked very hard on. It was meant to be the next killer app for the Amiga and the release window was planned between 2002 and 2004 but we had major problems getting enough people onboard, notably Graphicians as i had not enough skills doing all of it myself. The project died off and eventually we gave a playable demo preview to the community and since then people have been asking for us to finish it.



After the end of Wild Flying (2004 or so) was the time we also left the demoscene, but instead of putting my head into the ground i decided to invest time and money into AmigaOS4. AmigaOS4 at that moment was in alpha stages and the community started to split up into various formats (UAE,AROS,68k,MorpOS and OS4) and this was a crucial time to attract people to not leave OS4. My contributions for many years to come was that i somehow managed to port games, both free and commercial titles over to OS4 from linux,mac and so on. By the end of my career i did atleast 300 or so, various quality since them being ports and all but by the time i had done all this other people also started to port and sometimes fix my old ones with updates and such.

I have to mention that one of the reasons i stopped doing ports was because of a harddrive failure, i didn’t loose everything but i lost the thing i had worked the most on and that was a proper app/tool for printing and scanning. Backing up data is very important and i know i did it, i did it a lot but somehow stuff still was never found due to moving and all i found was some months old code so i just decided to give up, this was 7 years ago.


I am still part of the OS4 team, i still do stuff but most of it is support and minor tests and such, not much compared to before really. Betatesting on various apps stopped too due to the projects stagnating. I have tried many times to revive projects (pagestream, Ibrowse etc) but with no luck.

PSP_logoBy the time i had stopped the porting era of mine i somehow managed to get into PSP themes and eventually i got into a deal where i built dynamic themes for the PS3.  All looked grand and yes it was a nice period but i would have done it different today. The PS4 needs themes ,dynamic themes and i have thought about doing a few but the API has changed which means i have to invest a lot of time into it and i am not so sure i would want to do that anymore due to family and such.  I never did enter PSVita development, never went and got a devkit although i did get a signed account and access to tidbits but motivation was never there for me.



Ok, so these days i ain’t doing much besides enjoying games, living the life of chasing trophies and aqquiring new games (and old) and this is the reason why i opened this blog. People from all over the world have asked me to set up a website for years, these requests go back as far as 1997 but it wasn’t before 2008 that i finally did it. I set up a minor website just showing my collection and eventually the site got fairly popular (as far as such a site can get it) and then i decided to expand it into a proper site.  2 years or so passed until i started fiddling with the idea of doing a blog. June 2012 the first blog was ready, it was crude , it had bugs, many bugs. I wrote it at work and hiding the stuff did it no favours.  November 2012 i re-opened the blog , a new blog, new host and new domain and ofcourse a better interface. 500.000 or so views later (November 2014) i decided to make a better blog and this is the blog you are visiting today (opens early feburary 2015).

The blog has had it’s ups and downs as i write when i have something to say but only if time allows it but thanks to a friend in Italy named Gianluca Girelli the blog managed to get through a very rough summer (13) when i moved into a new house, a house we built where the builders was idiots and clueless….a MESS!.

What will the future bring?, well new blog , twitch, youtube and such, everything is up and running so it is looking bright so lets hope the visitors numbers stays good and that the blog run as it should.



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