Announcing Resident Evil 3 Remake

After the awesome results achieved with the outstanding remake of Resident Evil 2, most players across the planet started to dream of first and to ask later on, for the remake of RE3, one of the best chapters of the entire saga. Now, after just a handful of months, such a dream is just behind the corner, with the game coming way sooner than we expected. Here is the announcement trailer.

As you may remember from my article HERE, Capcom announced a game called RE: Project Resistance at the latest Tokyo Game Show. We are pleased to discover that such a game, based on an asymmetric multiplayer mechanics, we’ll be included inside RE3 as the multiplayer campaign. Nice touch, Capcom!

If you are craving for more, here is the Special Developer Message, showing some more insights of the main game and its multiplayer soul. Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “Announcing Resident Evil 3 Remake

  1. looks utterly amazing… but I WANT IT IN VR!

    • That will be RE8, I guess

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