I am quite “dry” on what to write about these days, too much work to do on the house (paint, fix the garden, general furniture moving and setting up Blah blah) but i will try and fill in a little info on the latest additions to my collection…

PS3 PSN: Narco Terror, The Bounty Hunter (aka MadDogMacree 3).

VITA PSN: Ms. Germinator, Die!Die!Die, Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims, Deathmatch Village, BreakQuest Extra Evolution, PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD.

PS3: Defiance.

Ok so i finally caved in and bought Defiance, Defiance is directly based upon the TV Series and from what i have understood is that this game is actually quite a decent story wise but i guess i will see that or not a few hours of game time.

See i bought 2 of it?, well i bought it for a friend and since the game is ONLINE MP only…well not much point in being a sole owner/player hehe.

I noticed that the install of the game is 10GB!! , that must be a record for a Blu-Ray game… probably a lot of gamers out there who bought the game and can’t figure out why the game won’t work…

Update Here is a little video showing the 10+ minute long install, or rather the clip that loops for the install time.

Here is an amazing achievement, 10GB install, and 1 player, it is 10+ GB (last night it was 12.2GB due to updates etc) and the game is online only so a 1 player mode is kinda wrong if you ask me.

I tried the game for an hour last night, choppy and laggy gfx at first but all of a sudden it became smooth and fun, i bet it’s glitched to death but time will tell as one can not get the idea or size of the game playing for a few hours for sure.

Looking forward to playing this with others and hopefully, it will be fun and not hard to find partners seeing how the online community is blooming in it and quite friendly.

I will try the game soon enough but i will add the PS+ trial right away, got a few of those now and i guess it’s time to check them in…

Update 2:

The codes don’t work for me as it is only usable for “new” or currently non-ps + activated accounts so if you guys know someone or have an account you want ps+ activated on for a month or so … let us know. (i got more up for grabs too).

Update 3:

Finally figured out why the embed script was not working, now it’s ok, sorry about the crazy size but that is down to the fact that it’s a YT-HD video.

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