New Year’s Eve. Week 50. g0blin’s update


Like every year, I’m spending Xmas holidays with my in-laws. Good people they are, and good food you can find here, but no Amiga and no PS3 available.
So here I am, with my magazines, my books, and my Window$ laptop. Suck! But at least I have an AmigaForever emulator installed. And I got Hollywood too so I can code a little bit.

At a certain point, I grab my son’s 3Ds. It’s neither a Vita nor a PSP, but I fire up its internet connection and start searching for inspiration. Until …..

… I get to Resident Evil Revelations Demo. I still don’t understand why they ported it on a PS3 since it would have been perfect on the Vita. I start playing the first level, placed inside a huge ship that resembles the Spencer Mansion (the environment, not the ship!). My personal feeling is that this is a good game, much more RE here than in RE6. You move through claustrophobic environments where evil lurks behind every corner. I guess I will have to buy this, sooner or later.

Next, I download Castlevania: Mirror of Fate! Wow, it feels like the first Mercury Steam game, and my hype for Castlevania 2 goes up again.
Thank God, I already pre-ordered it: Dracula’s Tomb Special Edition …. 🙂

It’s now time for some Soul Hackers. I really like this game. One of its best features is the opportunity to talk to demons and enroll them in your party, instead of having to fight them every single time. Nonetheless, it’s an old school game, and heavy grinding is required to progress…

Finally, I decide to relax with some old Amiga stuff, so I start up my emulator and load Lure of the Temptress. I finally managed to escape from the prison where the Skulls put me, but now I’m stuck in town. Our mindset it’s not what it used to be, back those days… Time to open a guide?

Wait a minute… I know what I can do now ….. HUENISON! wHAT-A-GAME!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! .. and thank you for reading.

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