Stuff In The Drive:Week 50 TO END OF 2013


What a year it has been for the Amiga platform!, lots of new games and one of the most sought-after games ever was released for free, quite a backstory too it too and it was just a few seconds away from being pulled again, we also saw a sequel to a game no one bought but everyone played it and loved it and there have been remakes of classics as well as brand new IP’s which holds high standards!.

Putty Squad, yep that was the game i enjoyed for a few weeks, article up soon, awesome game and major thanks to John Twiddy, Mark Cale and Phil B-B for their efforts to get it released.

Grab the game from the System 3 site NOW! so that they see there are interests in the game!.
Amazing year for the Vita too but i must admit that i am not using it as much as i should..even when i am not outdoors or away from the PS3, no idea why really as the games are incredible and i doubt i will use it more for the PS4 in remote play mode as i guess it is down to the fact that it is a handheld, but hey i still love it!.

Tearaway, Completed it, my god that game ruled, started off really quiet and to be honest i wasn’t really seeing what the fuzz was about but when the game opened up and tutorials went away, well it went to become superb! and the 2 last levels was absolutely amazing and i suspect those 2 was the reason for them creating the game!. Perfect handheld game but i wish there will be a PS4 version of it too!.

Broken Sword 5, bought it, not played it much but i am so ready for playing it! really need to sit down and play it!!.
The PS3 has always been a hit in my eyes and this year have been no exception, i didn’t get a PS4 at launch as i have enough games and i am glad i skipped the PS4 until next year(2014) as Gran Turismo 6,Beyond, Defiance, Puppeteer, The Last Of Us and so many more are still waiting for me to get back into them, i suspect i have over 100 titles that i haven’t even started yet or at least not played past the tutorials..

Gran Turismo 6, Completed It, BEST GT ever, don’t believe the media and the haters as this game is a masterpiece and while it is lacking in damage and such it still makes up for it in the other departments!.

Need For Speed:Rivals , i had to get this as soon as i completed GT6 and i had told myself to NOT buy more games before i got a PS4…OOPS, love the game, wonderful stuff!. and of course, the version i bought had no PS4 upgrade voucher, double OOPS.

Defiance, not platted it yet, getting there, only doing reputation stuff now and i am waiting for PVP matches, who would have known that waiting for a 6+6 player deathmatch game would take 2-3 hours… NO ONE, i repeat, NO ONE IS PLAYING THE GAME IN PVP MODE!….aaaaaaaargh!

Wonderbook: Book Of Potions, really strange and cool idea but i feel it is a bit sloppy at times with juddering picture and framerate, my son(5 soon) found it to be quite scary but fun!.

Dare To Fly, PS@move game, i bought it only because it was 15Nok (less than 2 dollar?) and it is wacky but too hard and my son loves to watch me play it, exhausting game!.

Spongebob Squarepants:P.R.R, i thought this would be shit!, just like Smurfs 2 shit but nope this is quite entertaining actually, 4 player mode is fun! but i am sure it will grow boring if you play it without kids.

I have played other games too but as usual, these posts can get too long.

Happy New Year.

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