Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz.

Let’s Fish: Hooked On.

Rocketbirds: Hard Boiled Chicken.

Saints Row: The Third.

The Cave.


Ni No Kuni.

Rocketbirds: Hard Boiled Chicken Vita, Completed it and enjoyed it. Won’t go for platinum anytime soon tho.

The Cave, Completed it, a brilliant game, i laughed all the way through it, well worth the money!.

Saints Row: The Third, playing it in Online Co-Op Campaign mode, an utterly brilliant game, maybe one of the biggest surprises for me in years and i normally hate Open World Games.

Inversion seems ok but needs to play it more.

Ni No Kuni, don’t kill me but i have put it on the back burner for now as i am having too much fun with SR: The Third.

Amiga wise has been really quiet lately and sadly i haven’t focused much on games on it other than a little bit of M.A.M.E playing Flying Shark and Wanderer.

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