M.A.M.E for the 4th week in a row on the Amiga, i really haven’t been using the Machine all that much for games lately but playing some arcade classics is something everyone must make some room for, I included.

Wardener, Dragon Ninja, Double Dragon and Prehistoric Isle was last weeks games.

Been a really slow VITA week for me and i basically found next to no time to use it, but when i used it i played Urban Trial Freestyle (article due soon), ZenPinball 2 – StarWars tables. Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz and Persona 4Golden.

The PS3 has been the most played format the last week but that is because of 2 games, namely Saints Row: The Third and Ni No Kuni but in-between those i managed to fit in a tiny bit of Family Guy and Inversion.

Saints Row: The Third in co-op is a blast, nearly done everything there is to do now and trophy count currently stands at 88%, platinum soon? , who knows but so far i have played it for 35hours and still enjoy it!.

Ni No Kuni, brilliant game, i will do an article soon but its a bit early still as i am only about 15hours into it but i think i can safely say that this will be in the top 10 of my GOTY’s this year.

Urban Trial Freestyle, a hard game and somewhat empty and it’s not a Joe Danger nor Trials copy/clone, far from it actually and those are superior in many ways.

ZenPinball 2: Star Wars Tables, 3 tables, and quite good ones but those trophies will make even the best game annoyed.

Ok…so this was the first weekly post with the new look… please let me know if it suxx or whatever as i don’t like it all that much right now and i want this concept but i want it in better but can’t think of how right now…

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