M.A.M.E for the 5th week in a row on the Amiga, i should fire up proper Amiga games again but right now i am into a CoinOp/Arcade retro period.

Games i played this last week was:

Ninja Warriors (which is awesome on the Amiga as well btw).

Double Dragon (Amiga port was under par).

Pang (which is better on the Amiga).

I played some VITA too this last week and i finally managed to get deep into:

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale which is a wonderful game when you master it, i am very close to Platinumingit now (86% of the trophies).

Treasure Of Montezuma Blitz was again played for many hours, extremely addictive game oh and i finally managed to100% the trophies now

Germinator was also part of the game time and it’s a solid game but require lots of time to master (article due soon).

Army Corps Of Hell, a game i hated from the get-go, i won’t boot this game up ever again.

The PS3 got very little love this week, well that is except for the wonderful:

Ni No Kuni which btw has now turned into a frigging nightmare due to a gigantic difficulty spike all of a sudden…

Saints Row: The Third was a wee bit in drive too but the platinum grinding is taking its toll on both me and my co-op buddy.

Capcom’s Arcade Cabinet which basically is an M.A.M.E emulator for the PS3, i have no idea why i bought it (or any other of these retro packages…i simply can not resist the urge to get them) and even bought a second addon package as the games is the very same (bar trophies) in M.A.M.E on the Amiga etc, good games and good ports of several games but i played mainly Gunsmoke and 1943 which both are in my top 20 of all time arcade games.

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