Finally got around to enjoy what my favorite platform of choice!, the Amiga platform, played 3 of my top 10 games ever (on any format).

Slamtilt is still one of the best digital pinball games ever made. silky smooth, precise and awesome design/music.

Xtreme Racing is another fantastic game, sadly it’s not much of a looker by today’s standards but its a very good Mario Kart clone although it’s much better in some aspects in others not as good.

Superfrog is one of the most loved games of all time and it’s easy to see why although it can be crucially annoying its still top class and the slick design and playability makes even games like Super Mario Brothers fight for the king of platformers.

The Vita has also been used quite a bit this week and new releases keep hitting the format even though people seem to say there are no games… (PSP all over again?)…

Frobisher Says is one heck of a strange game and it’s a great little time waster, i managed to 100% the main game trophies now, i still need to complete the DLC trophies (2 left?)…

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus is a brand spanking new Vita title and the quality of the title is up there with the PS3 version but there is also new features, my hands hurt after playing this as the combos require a lot of button presses and speed.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, still haven’t platinumed it as i struggle online, people are just too damn good compared to weak little me.

Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz had an update last week which awards more bonuses and crystals now and makes it easier for n00bs to enjoy the game with weapons activated, still a blast and i managed to beat my record with over twice the score.

Some days off from work shows on my game time as i managed to play on all 3 formats and not just for minutes or a few hours so even the PS3 was heavily played.

Ni No Kuni is still a blast but it’s got a bit too hard for its own good and i am struggling to find good ways to progress… i am considering using the XP glitch…

God Of War: Ascension has got mixed reviews so far and i fail to see why really as the game is as amazing as GOW has always been.

WRC Powerslide came out last week, already done an article about it earlier this week, finished the online portion of the game, for now, hoping for DLC!.

Hunter’s Trophy has been on my shelf for months but i finally picked it up again, got the sequel so i must finish this one up first!.

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