The Amiga got quite a bit of love this last week and i played:

Slamtilt, mainly focused on 1 table this week and that was Mean Machines.

Apocalypse, yup its the game i wrote an article about earlier in the week.

Superfrog, Completed it again and still love and it and want to complete it again for a 4th time in the future.

The Vita was the least played games device this last week but i when i used it i played these:

Frobisher Says, still not managed to get those last few trophies but its still funny and fun.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PLUS, damn, what a game, it beats the PS3 version already in some places and i am looking forward to seeing how the game progress.

Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz , still playing the game daily, one of the best games on the vita for sure!.

Hungry Giraffe, the new game last week and it’s very addictive, check the article i did earlier this week to find out more.

The PS3 was the most used games device this last week and i even found room to finish up some of my backlogs!…

God Of War: Ascension, completed it, WHAT A GAME!! , brilliant new combat system and extremely good visuals and that insanely difficult elevator section which quite a few game reviewers never got past (according to their trophy lists) but still said in the reviews they had completed it and gave it a “low’ish” score.

WRC Powerslide, still a good game and it’s still fun! oh, didn’t i mention how long the campaign was?

Hunter’s Trophy finally got around to completing it a quite decent hunting game.

Hunter’s Trophy 2: Europa, completed it, a good game and a superior game to the first one bar the “iron sights” aiming which is rather crap in this sequel.

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