My Amiga’s got used for more than the usual tools and whatnot and the games i played was:

VideoKid, i enjoy this game but i will never complete it without cheats i think (AND I HATE CHEATS!)  and i guess that will never happen.

Harlequin, Article up soon and i can safely say that its a wicked and wonderful game from the creators of Zool2.

The Vita, i just used last weeks picture (sorry) as i haven’t touched it much for other than Montezuma and Hungry Giraffe due to working too much overtime and no “game time on the go”.

Anyway, i wasted some time on playing Hungry Giraffe and Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz as they are good to play in the breaks and on the move.

The PS3 was the most used game unit last week, i can safely say that it’s been a crazy week with games like:

WRC Powerslide, still far from completion but still damn fun.

Dead Or Alive 5, played it for as far as i think i can …as i suck at it (30 something % of the trophies).

FarCry 3, completed it, it’s been on the shelf for a while and finally, i had the nerve to start playing it (open world games scare me due to time restraints etc) and i loved it to bits. Imagine UBISOFT’s FARCRY team working together withTECHLAND’s DEAD ISLAND team…

Tomb Raider, played it for some hours now, still 0% trophies (do they work at all?) and i quite like the refreshing style but i do miss the ass and boobs of the original Lara, i mean.. ain’t that like one of the trademarks?

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