What a week, Stratagus was finally made available on the Amiga, Stratagus is a reversed engineered version of:

StarCraft by Blizzard, what a game!.

I used the Vita a bit too last week although i am a bit tired of it at the moment,

Guacamelee! , a great game and a game i recommend everyone to get as it is one of the better downloadable games in the last 6 months or so, if not more.

Hungry Giraffe, what is it with me and casual games, i normally don’t like this kind of games on the phones and so on but so far it has been 3 games on the Vita that keeps pulling me back for more, fun game but not a must.

Draw Slasher, weird bloody touchscreen crazy havoc game, seems fun but my fingers were glowing after a few minutes of play as it requires fast movement and a lot of “scribble”.

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, same as the PS3 description although i still think the Vita version is not as good as it feels a bit cramped on the VITA, still awesome looking and i do recommend the game to platform fans.

The PlayStation 3 was not as frequently used as normal due to playing Stratagus on the Amiga but i did play a few games anyways…

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, Completed it and i wonder why this game was slaughtered as i enjoyed it even if it was a bit short but then again so is all the lousy COD 1 player games too.

Cabelas: North American Adventures, Completed it and i can safely say that this game was quite boring and annoying, not a game i would recommend.

Sleeping Dogs, this game was originally supposed to be a game in the True Crime series and if it had been then it would have been the best in the series as this is one heck of a cool game, not far into it but it oozes quality and fun gameplay.

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Still playing it but it still struggles to play it as much as i want to as it’s something about the game which i can’t put my finger on but it just makes me not wanna play it all the time.
PS: I did play several other games last week but these are the main ones and i will fill in the others at a later weekly update when i have progressed a bit more in them…

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