I had no time to play any Amiga games the last week but I did set up a Pagestream install and Deluxe Paint and a few other things on my A1XE G4 with OS4.1 setup (i had to do it because of some bickering on the 3 most popular forums in the Amiga Scene who claimed these things didn’t work on OS4.1 anymore.).

Same as on the Amiga, I have had no time to play any games but I did use the youtube app a bit and must admit that this app must be the best one on any format?.

The PS3 is the only unit that I have basically used for games the last week, scary ain’t it? the games I played was…

Dead Island, close to the platinum and probably would have had it by now but I decided to help a few friends to level up and have some fun at the same time, wonderful game!.

Bioshock Infiniti, Completed it and already made an article about it so have a look here…  

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