I have only played 1 game on the Amiga last week and it’s a brand new unreleased game, it’s near completion so stay tuned for more info later this summer, and yes it is an awesome game!.

The Vita has seen extensive use this last week, many reasons to that but the main one is that there has been quite a few “jump in” type of games released lately, I have had some fun with those among others, the games I played… :

Machinarium, Completed it, and I published an article about it earlier this week: Oil Spill?

Draw Slasher, Completed it and I already published an article about it earlier this week: Draw Slasher

Jacob Jones And The Bigfoot Mystery, Completed it and there is already an article up:  Jacob Jones

Doodle God, Completed it and I really enjoyed the concept but I decided to not do an article about it for now as it’s quite hard to do informative enough text about the game and same with screenshots, better for you to check out a video of it on youtube.

Velocity Ultra only played it for a few minutes but it looks to be another killer application for the Vita, makes sure you guys give it a go!.

Sound Shapes, Completed that a long time ago but the last week I focused on doing the rest of the DLC which finally came out last week, wonderful stuff.

Thomas Was Not Alone, tried it for a bit and still wondering what the hell it is about but there is something with the game that makes me want to play it more and I will do so shortly!.

So, it is the PlayStation 3 then… any time for it? well, not really but the stuff I played was:

Dead Island, Completed it but still working on the last trophy and right now I am kinda annoyed at my friends whom I play the CO-OP with as I want to finish it now so I can play riptide!.

Dead Island: Riptide, yup I bought it and I have even played it for half an hour or so, more of the same but at the same time it feels fresh!, really looking forward to playing with my friends in CO-OP …if they ever will platinum the first one that is.

Crysis 3, fired it up and the first thing that hit me was horrible FMV video quality so I went on the blog and had a 1-year long RANT about FMV’s instead of playing the game: Crysis 3

Star Wars Pinball, jolly good fun and a standalone version free of charge to us whom bought Zen Pinball 2 and it’s DLC.

Pinball Arcade (also played on the Vita a bit), quirky but good fun but why do I tend to play the very old tables instead of the new’ish ones?…

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII, yep, that one again.. totally hate it but I like these kinds of flight sims so I tend to play it when I am really bored of other types of games… or just waiting for me Dead Island CO-OP friends to get their finger out of their arse…

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