Remember the excuse i had last week regarding Amiga games? , well it still stands but in all honesty i have been more occupied in getting Morphos working on a PowerBook G4 and OS4 working on a Pegasos 2… mixed results.

Not played on it much really, but i did get some new games for it which i intend to play this week:

Nun Attack, tried it a bit and i must admit that the trailer made it look good but when i played felt soulless.

Men’s Room Mayhem, This game i fell in love with just because of the name, it’s basically a Diner Dash type of game, enjoyable enough and one i will most likely play a lot the upcoming week.

Farming Simulator, the concept is really cool and i hope i will have loads of fun with this one as the first impressions were quite good.

Ratchet & Clank Q-Force, my god this is a rubbish port and one i most likely will never play to completion, long loading times (3+ minutes at times), bad graphics and it just feels unpolished and wrong, shame on you Sony+Insomniac for letting yet another crap team port your AAA titles.

I fired up lots of games the last week but that is mainly because of one thing, being restless and not finding the game that screams “plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay meeeeeeeeeee”, anyway the ones i played was:

Dead Island, Platinumed it finally, what a game! totally loved it.

Dead Island: Riptide, only played it for a bit as i am waiting for my co-op partners to join me.

Disney Pixar: Toy Story Mania, casual point, and shoot game but my son like it so we played that.

Silent Hill: Downpour, Completed it, cool and huge game, puzzles were a bitch at times.

Call Of Juarez: Gunslingers, just had to buy it as i love techland’s games (don’t ask me why), really fun to play and a welcome return to the cowboy style.

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