Not much to add here, been hectic and when i used the Amiga i used it for non-game related stuff.

The Vita had some playtime the last week, amazing to see how much Vita games get released atm, casual or not, a release is a release.

Men’s Room Mayhem, Completed it, great game and while it is a Diner Dash game it still feels fresh if not a bit dirty. Expect an article about this title soon.

Nun Attack, Trying to enjoy it but it gets boring fast…

The HD Adventures Of Rotating Octopus Character, one of the best game names in recent history, a cool game with a cool name…. or is it?.

Slow week on the PS3 too the last week, Summer has kicked in and i am way too busy to even try to enjoy all the stuff i want…

Mayhem 3D, Destruction Derby in red and Black And White colors, sounds strange? , well check the upcoming article all about it soon…

Toy Story Mania, my son (4) enjoys it, and i enjoy playing it with him… what more is there to say?.. oh yeah.. its a casual Wii point and shoot game.

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger, i want to do an article about it… rough and though and damn cool just like the game…

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