Same as last week, not much to add… the Amiga has been occupied with beta testing of OS4 kernel.

The Vita hasn’t been used much the last week either, busy times here but i wasted some hours by playing:

Coconut Dodge Revitalised, brilliant casual game but beware.. you will spend too much time with this game as its addictive.

Limbo, everyone knows limbo… i never really enjoyed Limbo as i found it to be overhyped and quite boring but hey i will give it another try as it looks absolutely amazing on the Vita screen.

I have spent some time on the PS3 this last week, but not as much as usual, summer is here and i have too much to do but i still managed to waste a lot of time on:

Toy Story Mania, Platinumed it, I and my son have played this a fair bit and he likes it and i am sure he will play it more.

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger, still awesome and still a game i want to write an article about, i personally think that this game is a “must” have.

Mayhem 3D, Completed it, it was fairly ok but was overly difficult at times if you used the wrong vehicles etc… expect an article soon…still.

Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, dunno about this one… i have given it loads of time now and it feels like an arena shooter..short levels, boring locations… what the hell happened to this series? , the first one was absolutely amazing and since then… gone down the drain.

Diggs Nightcrawler, second Wonderbook game, feels solid and much more advanced than the book of spells game, will try it more before i mention much about it.

Dead Island Riptide, Played more of it, loved it and waiting for more co-op buddies to join in.

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