Week 24: Stuff In The Drive

Beta testing, beta testing, and more beta testing…..

Not used the vita much, used it for Youtube tho and that is one awesome app and the youtube app i have in my house (iPhone,iPad, and ps3).

The PS3 has been powered on a bit more but still not all that much..anyway the stuff i played.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, Completed it, wrote an article and it’s a game i would recommend to most gunslingers out there.

The Last Of Us, what a game! what a game!. , article due soon.

Tekken Revolution, the new free Tekken game came out of nowhere and believe it or not..it’s actually awesome even tho it is littered with microtransactions.

FN: sorry for being so late with this weekly one… it’s really busy here these days, i will return strong soon enough.

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