So yet another delayed post, “only” 2 days late this time around but still late but i think i will be in route from Monday so i hope you guys won’t totally forget about me and just look for Goblin now.

Games i have played? , not much really but here goes…

The Last Of Us, Completed it and i can safely say that this is one of the best games i have ever played (and i have played many games …). Gonna complete it a few more times for sure, stay tuned for an article soon (co-op review/article together with Goblin).

Crash Time 5: UnderCover, Completed it, it grew stale towards the end but i still think this is a pretty decent game, expect an article as soon as i have “returned”.

Madagascar 3, only playing it as an inbetweener and i actually think it’s ok for what it’s trying to do.

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