The last few weeks has been pretty busy with all the moving and such but it’s so good to be back and notice quality games come out of “nowhere” , that said.. the Amiga game of the week has been one we knew of for a while but the release came as a surprise nonetheless, so the game i played on the Amiga last week…

Huenison, an Indie game for both Amiga and Windows and the release last week made various Indie boards and sites go wild and Huenison managed to be Number 1 and i can safely say “I KNOW WHY!, the game is darn good!”

On the PS3.. same old games really…

The Last Of Us, the Second playthrough still going and the game is still ace!.

Crash Time 5: Undercover, Platinum’d it, fine game and i already made an article about it here…

Madagascar 3, progress is slow but i enjoy it for what it’s worth, a kiddie game with no new ideas whatsoever.

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