The last week has been a busy week as i have been unpacking and trying to enjoy my new home but i managed to get some game time out of the week and one of the most played games was, in fact, an Amiga game.

Huenison, absolutely a big hitter, a great game and it’s very “one more go” type of game, go get it guys.

M.A.C.E., i only got the demo of this for now but it’s safe to say that i like what i see and that i will buy it day 1.

Not much play time on the PS3 this week (and zero on the Vita) but when i played :

Dead Island Riptide, yup, finally got around to play that again and it’s still a darn good game!.

Crash Time 4: The Syndicate, more open than number 5 but less action and more “GTA”, feels quite ok.

Madagascar 3, still playing it when i am bored of other OK game.

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