A lot of activity on the Amiga lately and with that comes some game time, i had the pleasure to play and meet a few old friends the last week, people i thought was gone for good was found thanks to Facebook.

, wonderful game and the game was updated a few days ago but i have yet to find a changelog and i have no idea what was added\fixed.

M.A.C.E., it’s out now but i am still stuck with the demo for now but i will buy it on Monday for sure (download) while i wait for the CD version(s).
i have used the Vita for the first time in weeks and it’s been really fun to have a go at it again, it’s a wonderful format and i spent the time playing…

Superfrog, Completed it, way too easy but one of the best Jump’n Run games i have played in a long time.

Total Recoil, Completed it, twin-stick shooters are getting old and boring but this one is an exception, one heck of a time waster and typically me a game i love but other will find generic for sure.

Crash Time 4:The Syndicate, Completed it, an ok game but i decided i wanted to go for the platinum… what a grind..single races have taken me up to an hour for each of the 2 races and then there is all the tracks to grind and all the cars…. i will have the platinum within the first 3 days next week unless it glitches on me….

Dead Island: Riptide, what a game! i love it and i will try to aim for the platinum on it but it will take me months at this rate. Get this game, guys!.

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