What a week this has been, i have been doing loads of stuff on all 3 formats and on the Amiga i played 2 games with my Joypad and Joystick.

Huenison, great game and i will do a follow-up article soon as i found a few new things out about the game and gameplay/design.

M.A.C.E., another great game and even better now after i wiped the hard drive and started from scratch on it (JXF r/w-blockID error) but with SFS 2.x this time around.

Loads of new games were released for the Vita last week and 2 of them was freemium and that is quite an interesting approach, i know it’s common on iOS and droids but on consoles and handhelds not so much. Let’s hope the freemium concept is a big hit on the Vita.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, Arkanoid styled ball and bat game, not really played it much yet but it’s a freemium game and a lot of people is probably playing it right now.

Deathmatch Village, another Freemium title and to be honest i have yet to actually play it, i had a few minor attempts but i totally suck at it (for now). The game is a very good looking 2D jump’n Run Beat em up game, pretty similar gameplay to Crash Commando.

Floating Cloud God Saves The Pilgrims, great name for a great game, i used to play this quite a bit when it came out as a PsMini. Need to play this Vita Remake thing some more as it’s good.

Die! Die! Die!, i have absolutely no idea what this is, name and design look like a kick-ass good game but when i started playing it… well not very fun and very annoying too!.

GRID 2, if Blur hadn’t been such an awesome game as it was then i would have called GRID 2 – BLUR, great game but it’s ruined by the blur and washed out colors and it even has severe frame drops, really disappointed with this game, shame on you Codemasters!.

Madagascar 3, yep i return to these types of games when i have some extra time to waste, a fairly ok game but it’s getting very boring and repetitive now (60% complete).

Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler, Completed it, pretty decent and was great for a long time due to the story and concept but when a storied trophy (of course at the end of the game..) and a mission one glitched on me… well, the game is annoying the hell out of me now. (should i go for platinum or not… very close but …)

DEFIANCE, i have finally played it a fair bit now (3 hours or so), i have loads to discover and still suck at finding stuff in the menus this game has something to it, i like what i see and i can picture myself playing this loads.

Deathmatch Village, Freemium title… see PSVita for info.

Spartacus Legends, now you can chop people’s faces off and fuck their wimmen and it’s all for Free , yes anotherFreemium title…

The Last Bounty Hunter (Mad Dog Mcree 3), Completed it, another Laserdisc game port, one of the later ones so it’s fairly good but still very B-movie but hell i like these games and that’s why i buy all of them.

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