Hi guys, been a rough week, played loads of games and had hours upon hours of fun so here is what i did use the last week on (including the 3 overlap days).

M.A.C.E., wonderful game, a must have and now that i have the boxed edition i can safely store it away and bring it back whenever i want to look and touch it.

HUENISON, also a great game and still very challenging and confusing, no wonder that this game is climbing the charts.

Only 1 game the last week but that game alone needs an article and while everyone has played it i still think everyone needs to get it for their VITA too…

FRUIT NINJA, say what you want but this game is damn good and i have to add that the VITA port/edition seems to be more precise than my iPhone version, great game for a great console!.

Too many games and just like last week i still had to be careful when selecting the games i wanted to play in order to “not forget” them…

GRID 2, still blurry but still fun but it’s shallow and it does feel unfinished.

DUCK TALES: REMASTERED, first of all… this is not the Amiga/C64 classic. This is the Console (?) version which is a totally different game. Played it a bit and it’s very cool. Shame about the Price tag and the trophy list, Capcom…you SUCK!.

DEAD ISLAND: RIPTIDE, Completed it and it’s a wonderful game ..sadly the ending/last level stunk and it broke the whole immersion for me but still not enough for me to put it down. Going strong for the Platinum.

DEFIANCE, i am no MMO player but if all MMO games are like this and more then i am an MMO lover… but!… why do MMO’s have to be so “LONG”, “TIME-CONSUMING” and “OPEN” ?.

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