What a week, what a month this has been, we have seen releases of several Amiga games and most of all the quality has been decent too and best of all 2 of them was fully commercial titles, anyways the game i have played the last week on the Amiga…

M.A.C.E., great game but i need to restart it .. but just too much time has gone into the PS3 the last week(s).

Huenison, working on another article, a follow up even. superb game!.

Asgard Met Vikings, played it for a while..sick of it now, see article for more info.

The Vita… i love it to bits but i barely use it at home unless it’s for some really fantastic games… the games i played the last week was…

Fruit Ninja, don’t kill me but this game… DAMN IT! it’s so awesome, love it to bits even tho i have played it to death already on other formats.

Open Me, Completed it, this AR game may not last forever but i really liked this one but now that i have completed it…well i want to delete it.

Jak And Daxter Trilogy never planned on buying it for the Vita really and i haven’t bought it either as the VITA store bugged last night and i got the trilogy for free! (the PS3 version is supposed to be free from next month and the VITA not).

Oh, the PS3, the PS4 is due soon and yet the PS3 is getting some major games. Great games like Diablo III is due next week and after that GTA V and so on… will i ever need to jump to PS4? , i mean..i have a backlog that is longer, much longer than many people’s whole game collection.

Anyways.. the games i played…

Dead Island: Riptide, Platinumed it! wonderful game, too much grinding for the last few trophies but worth it… Dying Lights can’t come soon enough (nor that Hell game) which is also from Techland.

GRID 2, the crazy thing is… its blurry like nothing else but now after 20+ hours in it… i seem to have ignored the whole blurry display..it’s still there and i have double checked!.

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes, man! an adventure game just like in the old days! loving it but those puzzles can be a real arse at times.

Disney’s Brave, always been a Disney fan and it’s always fun to play these games with my 4-year-old son..oh and the trophies is so easy that it’s almost like cheating.

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