The last 2 weeks have been filled with fun and pain.. i hurt my foot real bad Saturday 2 weeks ago and been home from work since and since i haven’t had the opportunity to move around as much as i wanted…well i camped in front of the T.V.. with games like:

M.A.C.E., still good but not getting as much attention as it should have.

Huenison, new article due soon, great game and one that you all should get right away!.

What a week… but my focus have not been on the Vita…until yesterday…

Killzone Mercenary, OFMG!, amazing game, a must buy and a game that deserves to sell in bucketloads, the article is already up.

So..the PS3 was yet again the gaming device of the week, great stuff being in it and also bad stuff, have a look…

Defiance, Can’t let go, great game and i totally love it even though i wish i could play it with more Norwegians or friends and visitors from this blog!. ( i will try and go for a platinum on this… although it will depend on friends and people in my clan/group)

Disney’s Brave, Completed it, a decent game and feels pretty solid, won’t platinum it even though it’s very easy but i have too many games to play and grinding this has no priority what so ever.

The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes, Platina achieved! great game if you’re into these kinds of games.

The Smurfs 2, this must be a contender for the WORST PS3 game yet, what a bunch of turds it is…anyway i am playing it because of my son and also because it’s my sisters game so we have to get sick of it really fast…

GRID 2, progressing slowly…. dragging on but still a fine game but the campaign is feeling like WRC 1 on the PS3 by now…too long.

ARMY OF TWO: The Devil’s Cartel, Completed it, the game started off really bad…boring and so on but eventually, it became good and the last few hours towards the ending was quite enjoyable.

I played more games (metro, Painkiller and so on but i will leave those for next week as there have simply been too many games lately.

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