These weekly reports are normally meant to be on Wednesdays, so yep it’s been a hectic week and not much time for games really…well i should say “OTHER” games…
The Amiga was not used for the Gaming the last week, only for serious stuff.
The Vita is an amazing gaming platform for sure and that has not been hard to notice the last 2 weeks as AAA titles keep hitting it and it manages to impress even the most anti handheld gamers out there. anyways the games i played the last week was.

Killzone: Mercenary
, brilliant game and clearly one of the best FPS games i have played in a long time but if it’s enough for the gaming industry is unclear as they seem to confuse the game with some low budget crap in their reviews of the game.

Rayman: Legends, absolutely biggest surprise this year, i had expected more of the same as Origins and that was both a good thing and a bad thing and so far this looks like one of the years best platforming games.
Aabs Animals, what a piece of… ( see article)
The PS3 is yet again the machine that keeps stealing all the game time, the last week i played…

Defiance, great game but i hate it for being what it is, i have no time for other games because of this one chewing it all up…..
TRINE 2, Completed and got my Platinum on it earlier this week, awesome game but the first one was much better (gameplay)…even though they’re quite similar.
PAYDAY: The Heist, Have had it for years, always liked the look of it and now that we have finally fired it up …what a fantastic game this on is, crazy and hectic fps shooter and at times it feels more like a RAMBO game over a tactical bank robbery game.

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