Hey you people, it’s been a quiet week for me in terms of games, i have tried to use the Vita a bit but i kinda struggled to get into it …getting the magic or whatever, happens from time to time with my game units and or even the Amiga(s)… anyway, i blame Defiance for it all….

I was asked to beta test some major title for the Amiga last week, i said.. “maybe later” as i have no time to dedicate to it for now as i might go on a trip very soon and i won’t be able to bring the Amiga then, i will bring the Vita and PS3…i hope…. time will show as i am not sure if i will go on the trip even.

The VITA has some killer apps and games now but that didn’t help me much the last few days as i had awesome games but no lust to play… anyways i did try to play them a bit and i did that.

Killzone: Mercenary, Completed it, brilliant game and i am totally in love with it, i wish i will find time and passion enough to go for a platinum or something for it one day, one of the best games for the VITA for sure.

Rayman: Legends, amazing game, buy it! makes origins look like a ps2 game…

The Walking Dead Season 1, great game, completed it on PS3 ages ago and thought i would like blaze through it on the VITA… nope.. stuck on chapter 1 and while i will pick it up soon i still found the game a bit… boring now as i know whats gonna happen.

The PS3.. mainly used for 1 game but i haven’t really gamed all that much… anyways the stuff i played was…

Defiance, great game, wonderful in Co-op, several friends have it now so let’s see if we can get some more Arkfall huntings.

Metro: Last Night, amazing game but i struggle to get into it as i want to play it but i end up playing Defiance…

PAYDAY: The Heist, always liked this game and these days we finally play it in Co-op, this game is brutally hard and the trophies are far between but nothing beats the feeling of robbing a bank without killing anyone! (or just killing everything and everyone!!!!!!!!)

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