So, what happened the last week then? , where did all the precious time go since i have not mentioned the Amiga nor the Vita so far in this post and i always start with them and no, Gran Turismo 6, Metal Gear Solid 5, PS4 and whatnot has not been released soooooo what happened?…

Defiance, that’s what happened …again.

I love it to death and i am in an odd loop ,i mean.. back a few years i enjoyed DC Universe and GT5 for quite a while but since then i have not been severely addicted to a game for a longer period of time (after i had completed it) but so far this year i have met 3 games.. Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide and now Defiance and guess what….they’re all mediocre shit according to the Media, well to hell with the media as i love these games to bits and yes i play em because of the co-op implementation and skill systems and if other games had the same systems then i would play them too…maybe.

Defiance, it has ruined my lust to play GTA V, Metro and Puppeteer… yes a halfbaked MMO internet buggy game can be very fun, just like Dead Island was/is. I WANT THAT PLATINUM!

Metro: Last Light, great game, really want to finish it but Defiance is so much more…accessive, nothing wrong at all with Metro, it’s just like an AAA shooter should be so i just need to get sick of Defiance first.

The Puppeteer, awesome game…i mean…awesome the first level, REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT further but right now i will play Defiance instead so i won’t mess up the whole experience this game has to offer.

GTA V, hate it really… hearing words like “FUCK” and “NIGGA” and “MOTHERFUCKER” ain’t a problem for me but when i have to hear it 38 times in 5 minutes…that’s when i decided that the whole story is just a … dunno.. a hip-hop rapper song?…oh and that it’s downright boring too.

Friends told me to play further to get to play the other characters as no-one seems to like the first one all that much (wow…nice job there DMA..umm Rockstar North) and i must admit that the second character (Michael?) is a lot more interesting and he hasn’t got that whole…nigga fuck nigga mother nigga fucker thing coming out of his mouth all the bloody time.

and no… i will not play this game much now even if it gets kick-ass motherfucking nigga fuck nigga good as i am playing Defiance.


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