Week 38: Stuff In The Drive


Remember what i wrote last week? , well it’s the same this week and now it’s getting worse as i managed to get 3 more friends hooked on this shit,i haven’t even tried anything else except a demo of flashback which i wrote an article about a few days ago.. anyway this is what i spent my precious time with…

Defiance, big surprise? no, i guess not and now that i am closing in on level 1000 …well i am only halfway or actually less as the final trophy seems to be 2500…well it’s gonna take a while and hopefully i will be done before GT6 arrives….and or even the PS4. Wonderful game yet crap!. get it while you can, its worth your money but beware of the bugs and the time the game will steal from your life. Also the new update last week has fixed some problems so the game is even more likable now although the PS3 firmware update seems to have made the console lock up more now…..

Have a good week guys, thanks for reading and i want to send my thanks to the 10 new registered blog users the last week.

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