Sorry guys but i have very little to say this week, well i have a lot to say really but not about what games and how many i played as it’s just like it has been for weeks upon weeks now, yup i am still stuck as glue to Defiance, an amazing feat really as the last month or so there’s been quite a few good games on my radar but i have put em all on the backburner for now.

So, Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls and Rain will have to wait a bit longer as i don’t want to ruin those games by breaking them up in bits just and i can get my Defiance drug every day.

Anyway… here is what i played the last week.. (Don’t Laugh!).

Defiance, love it to bits and now that the game was heavily updated in terms of Arkfalls (Dark Matter), well…it just got better oh and buggier too… DOH!. (Story : 95% , Side Missions 98%, Time Trial 80% ,Hotshot 20% and Rampage… 10% completion now).

I might have the platinum by the end of this month…if i can keep up…

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