A new week…new games, well kind of anyway as this last week has actually had some Vita game time, little but still enough to make me awfully happy that i have one and i simply cannot emphasize it enough that the Vita is one heck of a gaming device!, anyways here is what i played the last week..

Rayman Legends, best port of this game?, it certainly beats the PS3 version hands down as with the touchpad and that insanely good screen, well I’d like to think it’s unbeatable.

Crazy Market, free game and quite an addictive one too, expect an article about it soon enough.

WRC 4 Demo, looks like a winner!, the Vita version of WRC 3 was a blast and one of the best drive em up games on the Vita, instant buy for me when its out…which is hopefully next week…

Not a big surprise insight here really as i have mainly played the same PS3 game for over a month now but this week i actually managed to squish in some other games too and a couple of (Horrible) demos of games i am happy to say i won’t buy and never planned to do either.

Anyways, the games i played the last week was…

Defiance, yep… still hate it and yet love it and the update (1.05) that came a couple days ago made the game even better, what a game! and i am now at 60% completion rate for the platinum and on story and side missions i am on 99% and soon i will start at zero again (but with the level and weapons from my current playthrough).

London 2012, great game, have had it for years and I and my girlfriend decided to play it a bit last week, Javelin Throw being her favorite but other events seem to have caught on too now.

Hamsterball, this is Sebastian (my son)’s favorite game, he has about 1 hour every weekend of game time and 90% of it is always dedicated to this game, wonderful game but i have been “sick of it” since forever…
WRC 4 Demo, looks like a winner! , i totally loved number 3 so roll on next week! (i think the full version is out next week..)

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