Sorry guys, i nearly forgot about doing the weekly post this week, i blame a certain PS3 game and i also blame work.. ok i tried…
Hurrah! , the Vita was back into the biz with many new games last week but i haven’t bought Batman nor most other new games lately as i simply can’t and won’t buy games i will not play for a long time, my PS3 and a certain game is really killing my game time. anyways the games i have played on the Vita the last week.

Crazy Market, made an article about it already, good game and highly addictive but far from taking Defiance off my schedule.

Dragon’s Crown, yep i went and bought it, i had no idea that this was a typical 1980-90’s Beat Em Up Sidescrolling brawler type of game, well it’s almost like it’s a mix of Double Dragon and Golden Axe and then tossed in some other games in the same style, lovely gameplay and awesome 2D/2.5D graphics.
The PS3 was used a wee bit, although i wish i would be able to feed it with more varied games or rather other games.. anyways the games i played the last week…

Defiance, yep, not sick of it and now that i have watched the full season 1 of the TV Series, well let’s just say it like this, i want more and i want it now!.

WRC 4, bought it, loved it but not played it (much) yet.

London 2012, I and my GF play this one, have had it since day 1 of its release but its still fun to break records and having generally good “button mashing” time with my gf.

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