The last week has been another typical one, 99% game time with one game but this time around i actually managed to spend some time on a new beta of a new upcoming Amiga title due very soon now, sadly i will not comment on the name and style but i can tell you guys that it’s been a long way coming and it’s finally here now … or so it seems (beta is atm release candidate).

The Vita, what a toy, what a missed opportunity of a toy for SONY… until they manage to get the 3rd party devs out in the open, games like Killzone, Rayman, and WRC shows that the Vita can handle kickass games and deliver them in an AAA style…

Dragons Crown, cool game but it did grow quite stale by now and that is down to the fact that this is a better play’ed in a Co-Op type of game and that is why the game offers it but for that, you have to complete the game.

WRC 4, bought it, loved it but it came out a few days late (1 week), I will have to keep it on my backburner until i have more time for it. (seems to be just as complete as the PS3 version!).

Not much new to tell here, loads of new games out lately and games like Assassins Creed, Battlefield and many more…. well no i am still gonna stick with that MMOTPS game of mine….for a little longer.

Defiance, MMOTPS it is, love it to death and the updates the last 2 weeks have been awesome and that Halloween zombie thing just puts the Z in Halloween for me!. i hope TRION decides to keep the event/pursuits/whatever in there all the time now.

WRC 4, not playing it much due to defiance but yes this is utterly brilliant! , really can’t wait to play this more along with the Vita version!.

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