The last weeks have been really nice to Amiga, some good games have been released and while i have not written about all of them yet i will do that eventually although i am not too sure how to cover game ports and such i will give em a try and let you know, anyways the game i played the last 7 days was…

Beta testing of a major upcoming title (i won’t reveal the name for now).

Battle Squadron OS4, awesome game and i can’t get enough of it even after all these years with the original release. (article already up about it).

Dale Hardshovel, been playing it a bit and i like it but as i wrote in the article..i am not sure if i would play it as much if it had been on another format like for instance iOS.

The Vita has been used a little bit only the last week but the game(s) i had running was.

WRC 4, damned good port even though if it’s just a straight port of the ps3 version.

The PS3… yep i had some severe fun with it and i managed to get 2 new games for it…

Defiance, i love it to bits even after my account was deleted but it did help that they brought it back to life so all is ok now and i am once again a happy puppy.

Truck Driver, from the publisher of WRC4… far from the same quality and to be honest it felt like shovelware… more info as i have played it a bit more.

WRC 4, brilliant game, love it to bits and the only thing i can complain about is those loading times as they can be a proper challenge at times!.

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