Aaaah, the Amiga, a safe haven, a place where only the friendly and cool stays… i have no idea why i just wrote that thing but it felt like a natural start on today’s blog… anyways, i have been playing a bit on the Miggy the last week, love it to bits.

Battle Squadron, a game of the year for sure…or maybe not !., time will tell as there are a few more games due this year.

Dale Hardshovel, been a few updates and fixes and the game is getting better, lag is almost 100% gone now but for a picky gamer like me, well i need better speed.

Not much to say about the Vita really, i had the chance to use it a lot but i didn’t find the time as other stuff came up but the little i used the Vita, well i spent it wisely with…

WRC 4, awesome game! people need to support Milestone and big ben! so we don’t lose this IP.

PS3, huge games keep hitting the ps3 and i have no time to actually play them, what a disgrace! but luckily i have managed to squeeze Defiance away for a few minutes in order to play that one and a few others…if not for only previewing them…

Truck Racer, my god…, not exactly a fantastic game… i need more time to try it and i have done some vids too, expect a proper Video blog of it soon!.

WRC 4, absolutely amazing, love it to bits, guess i will play it to the Platinum too.

Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs, very cool concept and looking forward to playing it some more, this game reminds me more of Book Of Spells than Diggs Nightcrawler.

Defiance, love it love it love it!, BRING BACK THOSE ZOMBIES!!!!!!! I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! , all difficult trophies gone now… just grinding left!.


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