Haven’t had the pleasure for all that much Amiga gaming the last week but i can share that a certain game that i have been testing for months now is actually finished now and should be in production as we speak, so all i did on the Amiga the last week was mainly non-game related.

The Vita, damn it, it deserves to sell bucketloads as awesome games keep hitting it and yet it feels like the handheld is being ignored by just about everyone out there, ah and one more thing!, rush to the PSN store now as there is a Black Friday weekend sale atm and those slashed Vita prices is astonishing! the stuff i played…

WRC 4, fantastic game, love it to bits and i wish all of you would buy it too just to support them so they won’t skip the Vita next year.

Tearaway, only had the pleasure to play it for a few minutes but what i have seen so far, wow, i will have to focus on this one right away!. Oh and being a game from the creators of LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2, well that alone should be enough reason for all of the world to buy it…

Defiance, yey the zombies are back!, dunno for how long but they have been visiting me a few times the last few days!… still a few PVP trophies left and then i have my platinum!!

WRC 4, fantastic game, get it now!.

Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs, i must admit that i have a huge crush on Wonderbook stuff so yes i like this one but haven’t had the pleasure to really enjoy it yet due to Defiance…

Wonderbook: Book Of Potions, yep it’s another Wonderbook title and best of all it is another (Harry)Pottermore book, only tried it for a few minutes to give me some days or so to investigate more.
Truck Racer, yep, playing it a bit, i am enjoying it but it’s a huge grind really…dunno if i will bother with a platinum for it but i know it is supposed to be an easy one…..but i hate grinding!.

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