So we are waiting for a new game on the Amiga, a game that has been released on the PS4 already and it is due on PS3 and Vita shortly and the reason is because the Amiga version is going through the press as we speak, or at least that is what the rumor has it, anyway time will tell and it is a game we have waited 20 years for now and i guess waiting a few more weeks will do for now?.

I haven’t played too much on the Amiga the last few days as i have been busy creating a blog for a friend at work.

Anyways, i did buy a new Amiga boxed game, it is a few years old now but i somehow managed to skip that until an Amiga friend from Sweden told me it was still available. thanks Joel.

the game is called BOH, an quite unique game and i should write an article about it soon and btw it is the same guy who made this as the wonderful Huenison.

I’ve had some fun on the Vita the last few days and that was with Tearaway, man what a game!, this is a real reason to buy a Vita, remember Loco Roco for the PSP? , it does the same thing for me, i mean it is sexy, funny and damn good too. other games i played was Flower and Flow which are ports from the PS3 , the ports was done by Supermassive so the quality is there.

Tearaway , what a game! , the rating of 87 on metacritic is too low in my opinion but seeing how it has been rated 65 times from just about every magazing and website out there…well i guess it means the game is damn good!.

WRC 4 , awesome game, buy it now!.
Flower , Completed it, Ga good port which holds the quality of it’s big brother version.

Flow, a good port which holds it’s quality from the big brother version and this one might even be better on the vita as the controls work a bit better IMO.

Damn it!, i need to finish uploads of titles and that very quickly as i want that PS4!, anyways i spent most of my game time on Defiance! as usual, still a fantastic game and the soon to come (this week?) DLC update is very welcome! , btw, only 1 Online Competetive Trophy left!!!

Defiance, i miss you guys, we used to be 14 guys and it seems it is only me left now…well other than the few new i got to know the last few days! (Ricky Facechild, Delta-O etc.

WRC 4, Completed it, awesome game and i finally completed it but guess what!!!!!!… the game glitched on me so i never got the WRC 2 trophy so now i have to complete most of the game again to get 2 trophies that somehow glitched as both are linked to each other….. MAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!.

Truck Racer, slowly burning through it, i like it …it is quite bad but i like it….very trendy of me…

A few other games have been played too but that was my son and he played LEGO Super marvel heroes and Sonic All Star Racing Transformed among others.

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