Another good Amiga week, 1 more new Boxed Amiga game arrived and while it was from a Game that came a few months ago on Download only, well it is still awesome that they decided to release a boxed release in the form of a Collectors Edition.

Battle Squadron Collectors Edition, Multiformat release (Amiga OS4, MACOSX, PC), nicely done box art, will post pictures and info soon.

Only had a few goes at Tearaway the last week, awesome title but i struggle to find time and peace to use the amazing handheld…i guess i am a wee bit burnt out on the Vita for now.

Tearaway, a must buy and certainly GOTY on the VITA, get it now!.

The PS3 was the most used game unit the last week, the usual suspects were in my drive but i also found time to start 2 new games! yep, it is a miracle!.

Defiance, damn fine DLC #2 was released this week, love it to bits and i am very close to that platinum now!!!!!.

Beyond:Two Souls, JESUS THIS IS ONE HECK OF A GAME!, totally blow away and i am glad i have saved it till now as mean a friend played the game in 2 player mode this weekend, nearly completed it i guess but not finished…and now he will be away for weeks and i guess i will have to play/complete it alone…

Gran Turismo 6, love it!, amazing how 2 games managed to pull me away from Defiance but that’s what happens when Sony release games i guess, they have some ace games. (still not played Puppeteer all that much yet tho.).

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