I did not mean to show off here. It’s just a little update on what I’m doing.

The Last of Us: I already wrote 2 articles on it here and here. I can confirm that competitive multiplayer for this games rocks and I’m now enjoying the recently introduced “Interrogation mode”.
I think this game is the best in the entire generation…

Batman Arkham Origin
: good game. Just finished the main campaign and now going for a few sidequests. It introduced a competitive multiplayer mode, new to the series, in which Bane’s and Joker’s minions compete for supremacy. While fighting, they are also stalked by the Dynamic Duo…
More info on it asap.

Dead Space 3
: I recently completed the Pure Survival campaign, completely played with a co-op mate. I still think this game is awesome, probably ranking third after TLoU and Beyond (IMHO).
Retrieve my post here.

Dynasty Warrior Gundam 3: barely started, but please hang on. I promised a new Rise of the Robots article here and here, and I always keep my promise.

And in case you thought TLoU and its cordyceps were just a fiction …..
[sorry for the commercial prior to the video. I couldn’t manage to take it out.]
Edit by ToAks/ Amigaguru, Video had to go as spam filters decided to blacklist my site for some reason!. maybe it is in adblock? (the player that is).

Have a nice day!

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