It’s been a very slow week on the Amiga front for me, basically only used it for Battle Squadron and reading emails and paying bills. Waiting for a package in the mail which will probably make me play more soon.
Nothing other than Tearaway, same as last week… i have put the Vita on hold for now.
The PS3 , i have a huge backlog of games and i fear that i won’t ever be able to get through it even though i haven’t bought more than a handful of titles since september…well ok, maybe more and while i am busting my balls on trying to platinum Defiance..well just lets say that the backlog ain’t getting smaller.

Defiance, very near the platinum now.. and the new DLC is awesome and yesterday the new trophies popped up too…damn! , more trophies i need heh.

Beyond: Two Souls, Completed it, one less game in my backlog, an amazing one too and one you MUST get. I have made an article about it earlier today 

Gran Turismo 6, awesome game but it is busting my balls and i should back away from it A.S.A.P. or else i might spend the next year in trying to platinum it…

PS: these IN THE DRIVE weekly reports are from Wednesday to Wednesday so this is basically 49-50.

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