Santas Monster ShootOut.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz.

Sine Mora.

Flying Hamster HD.

Big Sky Infinity.

Assassins Creed 3.

Zone Of The Enders HD Collection.

Wonderbook: Book Of Spells.

A closer look:

Need For Speed: MW on the Vita continues to impress me and i am close to platinum it.

Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz is still running daily after all this time, wonderful game.

Assassins Creed 3 is progressing very slowly, i am sick of not playing as Connor.

Wonderbook tech is quite interesting.

Flying Hamster HD may be cute but it’s deadly!.

Santas Monster Shootout, Christmas games are uncommon these days, article out soon.

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